Military Recruitment, Upkeep and Naval Construction

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Military Recruitment, Upkeep and Naval Construction

Post by Boru » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:00 pm

Special thanks to Zanzibar for the inspiration for these rules

Q – How do I recruit an army?

First and foremost, you need to design the unit that you want to recruit by filling out the following criteria;
Unit Name
Mount (if applicable)
Level of Training (I-IV)
Brief Description

Here are some examples;
Unit Name: Setopian Archer
Equipment: Longbow, Leather Armour, Hunting Knife
Mount: N/A
Level of Training: II
Setopian Archers are the go-to ranged unit in the typical Setopian standing army. These longbowmen are trained religiously to be able to fight in ranks behind the spearmen usually heading the column.
Unit Name: Setopian Knight
Equipment: Lance, Chainmail, Short Sword, Round Shield
Mount: Horse
Level of Training: IV
The Setopian army has a large number of veterans that usually accompany the standing armies to war. These veterans often make up the ranks of the Setopian Knights, feared mounted riders that have been known to break the ranks of even the toughest foe. Once they sound their horn its rumoured the ground shakes violently beneath their charging hooves…
Unit Name: Setopian Oarsman
Equipment: Short Sword
Mount: N/A
Level of Training: I
The many oarships of the Setopian navy require many crew, none more common than the Setopian oarsman.
Q – Awesome! So how many can I recruit? What do they cost?

As many as you can afford. Listed below are some basic equipment options which requires a cost to produce along with the units training level which determines their cost.
For mounts, you are limited by the number in your bestiary.
One-handed melee weapon – 1 Iron OR 0.5 Iron and 0.5 Wood, 1 GP
Two-handed melee weapon – 2 Iron OR 1 Iron and 1 Wood, 2 GP
Small Shield – 1 Iron OR 1 Wood OR 0.5 of each, 1 GP
Tower Shield – 2 Iron OR 1 Iron and 1 Wood, 2 GP
Short Bow – 1 Wood, 1 GP
Long Bow – 2 Wood, 2 GP
Crossbow – 1 Iron and 1 Wood, 2 GP
Leather Armour – 1 GP
Chainmail Suit – 2 Iron, 2 GP
Full Plate Armour – 10 Iron, 8 GP
Horse Barding – 16 Iron, 10 GP

Level I – Recruitment 2 GP, Upkeep 1 GP, Recruitment Time 1 Turn
Level II – Recruitment 6 GP, Upkeep 3 GP, RT 2 Turns
Level III – Recruitment 18 GP, Upkeep 9 GP, RT 3 Turns
Level IV– Recruitment 56 GP, Upkeep 27 GP, RT 4 Turns

Q – What are the difference in training levels?

Level I – These are your rank and file militia. They’re barely trained but are fit enough to march and fight but lack the discipline or fighting skill of the other levels. Used mainly for emergency recruitment and garrisoning less important outposts.

Level II – These are your trained troops. The ones who form the bulk of a fighting force in Shards of Olethros. Don’t expect miracles but expect them to fight for your banner.

Level III – These are your well trained/ professional soldiers. These are the men that form the regiments that take the fight to the enemy with true heart and determination. Perfect for your more elite and specialised units.

Level IV – These men are truly special. These men never lose heart even when the fight is at its worst and will willingly die for your leader and for your nation. These elite soldiers make the perfect bodyguards or outnumbered unit you need to ‘hold the gate’ whilst waiting for reinforcements to arrive.
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Re: Military Recruitment, Upkeep and Naval Construction

Post by Boru » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:54 pm

Q – What different types of ship are there?

In Shards of Olethros there are two basic types of ship, Roundships and Oarships.

Roundships are bulky sailing ships with a wide beam and large hold. Fore and aft castles are normal. Roundships are normally transport vessels with room to accommodate large numbers of troops and/or supplies.
Oarships are very different. The hulls are usually sleek and thin, built for fast sprints across short distances. Oarships are usually designed for combat either with a ram or for boarding. Occasionally oarships have been fashioned with a firing deck for ranged troops and artillery.

When constructing a ship you must also give a summary like military personnel. These summaries include the following;

Ship Class:
Make it up! If it’s a particularly fancy or large ship, why not give it a name?
Ship Type:
Either Roundship or Oarship (at current tech levels)
Crew Required:
See table below
Additional Capacity:
See table below
For roundships, you should include if they have lateen or square rigs (lateen gives greater manoeuvrability but requires more crew), whether they have fore or aft castles and how many masts they have
For oarships you should include whether they are open (aphract) or decked (cataphract) and what they are designed for.

Size - Crew Requirement - Additional Capacity - Construction Cost
Small - 15 - 50 - 500 Wood, 500 Gold
Medium - 25/40 - 120 - 1,500 Wood, 1,000 Gold
Large - 35/60 - 250 - 3,000 Wood, 2,000 Gold
Major - Varies
Small - 50 - 10 - 750 Wood, 250 Gold
Medium - 100 - 30 - 2,000 Wood, 500 Gold
Large - 170 - 50 - 4,000 Wood, 1,000 Gold
Major - Varies

Here are a few examples;
Ship Class: The Lady Sythera
Ship Type: Large Roundship
Crew Required: 45
Additional Capacity: 250
Description: The first of her kind, the Lady Sythera is the flagship of the Setopian navy. Equipped with lateen rigs, and two masts. She also has an aft castle and three decks.
Ship Class: Hammer I
Ship Type: Medium Oarship
Crew Required: 100
Additional Capacity: 30
Description: Hammer I, like it’s sister ships is designed for ramming larger ships. It is aphract and usually exists tio pick up speed quickly allowing for the troops on board to then board the ship its rammed.

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