Jewel Magic

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Jewel Magic

Post by Boru » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:32 pm

Q – In the making a nation thread you mentioned that we had a choice of Jewel, what are Jewels?

Jewels seem to give immense power to those that are bound to it, giving the lucky people that are access to the colour of magic within.

Q – Woah. Ok how many people can be bound to a Jewel?

Up to a hundred people can be bound to a Jewel at any one time and your connection can only be severed by death. Although you can have up to a hundred it is worth noting that the power gets split somewhat evenly between the number of people bound to it.

Q – Gotcha, what colour Jewels are there to choose from?

The exact number of colours is unknown, merchants talk of seeing shards that seem to be a mix of different colours and some completely unique. There are four colours available; Red, Blue, Green and White.

See the Pre-Game Story for some vague colour clarification.

Q – It also says I start off with Shards?

Shards are assorted fragments of a Jewel and are the namesake of the game. They seem to give power to the person that holds them. The bigger the shard, the more powerful the effect.
They come in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large. The small are extremely commonplace and travelling wizards are often seen carrying a couple whilst medium and large shards are increasingly rare and sought after. It is almost impossible to find a fully intact Jewel in the countryside. But then again, maybe that’s what Quests can sometimes uncover?

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