Quests, Patrons, Beasts and Agents (what a mix)

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Quests, Patrons, Beasts and Agents (what a mix)

Post by Boru » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:57 pm

Q – My map shows that there is an ancient ruin at the top of the mountain range… is this what you call a Quest?

It might well be. ;)

There are several ways that quests can occur in game but the most common is stumbling upon them by exploring. Other ways include quests being forced upon you due to a divine being asking you to do something. Alternatively, an old lady that many have turned away ends up at your castle steps with ancient parchment…
The possibilities are endless, but many powerful artefacts and ancient places exist in the world. It’s up to you to seek them out.

Remember: Quests are for seconds and team leaders. If a second wants to go on a quest away from the prying eyes of their team leader that is perfectly fine. PM the GM to get started!

Q – That reminds me! You just mentioned divine beings and I believe patronage was an option instead of a Jewel?

Now you’re talking. As mentioned in the Pre-Turn Story there are many thousands of beings that may have taken a shine to your budding nation and they might grant you all of the wisdom/power/protection that may have been required to help you survive. They’ll continue to help you throughout the game giving you a distinct edge over all those ridiculous Jewel harbouring player teams… the catch? Who said anything about a catch? It’s not like they’ll ever ask the favour back…

Q – Speaking of catching… I really want to acquire some Hydra... Are they in this game?

Unlike other games of its ilk, Shards of Olethros has not and will not be publishing an exhaustive list of the creatures that inhabit its lands. When you begin it’s likely that there will be many hundreds of creatures roaming the neighbouring lands and yes before you all panic, real world animals also exist!

To catch any of them, think logically and try to catch them. In some cases it’s better to take the creature whilst they’re young, some you herd up and put into stables whilst in some rare cases perhaps you can reason with them?

A large amount of work has gone into the setting so sit back and enjoy, there’ll be a few surprises along the way.

Q – But the Hydra…?

Yes Hydra Exist.

Q – Yay! Also just to let you know I want the Hydra Governor to be the head of my city...

Now might be a good time then to learn the agent rules...

Agents are a collective category for all manner of skilled individuals in your nation. These could include spies, thieves, gang leaders, assassins, hunters, emissaries, diplomats, demagogues, cult leaders, priests, royal officers, governors, generals and whatever other functionary you can imagine useful for your nation.
To simplify this process, agents are split into major and minor. Major agents are usually named when hired and come as individuals. Minor agents usually get hired in groups.

To hire an agent, simply list in your results that you plan to do so and design them using the template below. Your advisers will then seek out candidates and in case of major agents you'll be expected to negotiate upkeep (pay). Some more specialist roles may take multiple turns to hire.

Role of agent:

Here are a few examples:
Role of agent: Spying Cell
Location: Setopia Capital City
Number: 6
Description: I want to recruit members of a spying network in Setopia's capital city to report on troop movements. They should pose as merchants for cover.
Role of agent: Governor of Hightown
Location: Hightown
Number: 1
Description: As part of our devolution of power I would like to appoint a Governor of Hightown from its existing council.

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