Making your Nation

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Making your Nation

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Q - OK I'm going to be a Team Leader. I'm ready... Whats step one?

Step one is designing your Culture.

A culture is an overview of your nation where you should attempt to answer the following questions;
- What is the name of your nation?
- What is the name of the ruler? What is the government style?
- What do your people look like? Are they all the same race or is it a mixed race nation?*
- If you have multiple races, what is the breakdown?
- How open is your nation? Are your people open to outsiders or closed? Are they willing to conduct diplomacy and trade negotiation?
- In your nation what does your military look like?
- Is there anything unique in your nation? I.e. architecturally, security, strange customs etc
- Where is your nation situated? Please describe the surrounding landscape and we will fit you into a map that fits your specifications

*If you have multiple races, please explain the appearance of any that make up more than 1% of your population

Q – Do I need to write a culture to run a team?

You do if you want to run a new team yes. A culture should be ever changing and evolving so feel free to continue to adapt to the world as long as you’re playing to character.

Q – Do seconds need to contribute to writing the culture?

Not necessarily no. However, a brief character description wouldn’t go amiss where you detail your characters role and any character traits.

Q – So I’ve written a culture but how do I make a nation from this point?

There are three steps to nation creation. Firstly, you must have a culture submitted and approved by the GM. Secondly, you choose your starting packages and thirdly, you make your nation layout.

Q – How do you do your nation layout?

Once you’ve had a map sent to you which hopefully ticks several boxes requested on your culture submission you choose placement of all the towns and cities. From there the GM will populate the area with your villages and hamlets along with any resource buildings you make in Turn 0.
In addition, you must make certain that they are adjoining (unless you have taken the colonisation starting package).

Q – What if I don’t agree with the final layout of my nation?

Then ask the GM of what changes you’d like. You will have to agree to the final layout before the GM populates the map with non-player-controlled points of interest.

What options for starting packages are there?

I'm glad you asked;

Your nation automatically begins with the following:
3 Cities
9 Towns
50 Shards (see shard package below)
10 Tech Points
10,000 Stone
10,000 Iron
60,000 Wood
100,000 Gold
1 Jewel (your choice of colour) OR Patronage with a deity.
You also automatically get one resource building per town and two per city. The resource building options depend on starting location.
In addition, your nation begins with four starting packages (can choose more than once);
Construction Package
+20,000 Stone, +10,000 Wood, +10,000 Gold
Military Package
+20,000 Iron, +10,000 Wood, +10,000 Gold
Naval Package
+20,000 Wood, +10,000 Iron, +10,000 Gold
Monster Package
You are lucky enough to live near a large quantity of a monster of your choice near your territory and start off with some under your control. Perhaps the monsters’ proximity is your reason for survival? Perhaps you’ve survived in harmony for mutual benefit? Or perhaps these are their ancient nesting ground? (Negotiate with the GM about what monster you would like and if it is acceptable. GM will give you a fair number dependent on the strength of the monster).
Exploration Package
You have a slightly larger starting map to other teams with a dozen or more points of interest. In addition, you’ve made contact with several local non-player nations/ groups/ characters and can even negotiate/ communicate with them in Turn 0! Additionally unlike other starting nations, your nation doesn’t have to be huddled and contiguous and instead has the option to branch out across sea lanes or along vast coastlines reflecting your strong naval prowess.
Research Package
+5 Tech Points
Shard Package
You begin the game with 5 large, 15 medium and 30 small shards of your choice.

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