Turn structure and breaks in play

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Turn structure and breaks in play

Post by Boru » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:08 pm

- Shards of Olethros works in monthly turns (in game) running on a two-weekly cycle (in real life).

- Every turn will end on Sunday night (or 7am GMT Monday Morning) at which point no further orders will be counted.

- Similarly the GM will get all results published by the following Sunday night (or 7am GMT Monday Morning) giving a full week for both the players and the GMs to get their parts done.

- For ease we are going to use the twelve monthly calendar where one month is one turn.

- Resources are brought in every turn at the end of the turn. Do not use resources produced in the current turn towards budgeting for your orders.

- The game operates for one in game year (i.e. 12 turns) before we have a break in play.

- At break of play we generally have an additional week or two week break (so a three/four week turn).

- The following things occur during the 'break of play'; Technological Advancement, Colonization, New Team Entries and GM Appointments.

- Although your personal maps will get bigger where you explore each turn. The whole game map will be expanded during the break.

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