Your role as a player

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Your role as a player

Post by Boru » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:25 pm

Hello again!
If you've made it this far we can assume you're interested in giving the game a go. We don't blame you. We have two types of player in Shards of Olethros; the Team Leader and the Second.

Q - Well yeah I’m definitely up for playing! What does being a Team Leader involve?

If you're the Team Leader you are a mighty and wise ruler leading a group of survivors into a new period its history. Finally, the drums of war and exploration beat, the time of survival is over, the time of expansion has begun.
But in game terms, you are expected to post orders for your nation once every two weeks in your team’s private forum detailing the internal and external plans for the current season. Your character can also deal with personal quests and plans that require a personal touch. Perhaps you want to lead your armies to war? Perhaps its negotiating with an ancient being from a different plane? Either way, you’re the glue that holds the nation together.

Q -Wow, seems fun but a lot of work! How much time am I expected to put into the game?

In games gone past some players have spent hours a day on the forums whilst others would only log in once a week to read up on what’s going on. It only takes as much time as you want to give it and you only need to submit orders on a two-weekly basis. It’ll probably take an hour or two as a minimum to run a nation though the more work you put into it, the greater reward. If time constraints are going to be an issue we’d recommend recruiting a second or two to share the workload or choosing to be a second yourself.

Q - Alright, well I'm definitely interested but what does being a second involve?

You are a person cut above the ordinary citizen in a pre-existing nation. You are the figureheads and generals needed for the nation to succeed in the hard-times ahead.

In game terms you can do as much or as little as you would like. In games gone past, seconds ran part of a nation whilst others just went on quests. Ultimately, in terms of nation governance, its up to you and your Team Leader to decide what needs to be done on any given turn.

In addition, there is no reason why you have to negotiate with a Team Leader or even be part of a team. Although the GM still requires you to choose a culture to have come from, you are allowed to be what is called an independent second. That'll mean you can have your own forum and make your mark on the world as an individual...

Q – How much time does it take to be a second?

If a team leader is kind enough to pass some of his nation over to your control it could take a couple of hours a turn and a few check-ups a week whilst a questing hero might log on every two weeks to submit his orders. Much like the rest of the game, the more time you put into it, the greater the reward.

Any further questions? No? Well lets mo...
Q - Actually yes, who are you and what do you do?

Good question. Ahem...
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The Role of Gamesmaster

Post by Boru » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:32 pm

The last part of the game is the role of the GM, a person who oversees the game by answering all questions presented to them and is the only person that can see your private forums (unless you have seconds). They are in charge of processing your orders and delivering results and the story according to the games turn cycle.

Q – So how does a turn cycle work?

The founders felt it was important to keep a cast iron fortnightly turn system in place. We believe that if deadlines are going to be imposed on the players it’s only fair that the GMs are bound to similar deadlines.

Orders will be in Sunday Week 1, Results will be delivered by Sunday Week 2, Next set of orders will be in Sunday Week 3 etc. By sticking to this system, it means that everyone has at least a week with full information to fulfill their role.

Q – Is there only ever going to be one GM?

For now. In time with healthy player growth and the introduction of new teams we may require appointing a second or a third GM.

Q – I disagree with the results given. Is there an appeals process?

Although we don’t expect a formal appeal process please remember that the GM is human and mistakes happen, if it can be rectified it will be, just send him a message if you’re concerned.

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